Born 16th of November 1979 in Iceland.




VALAND SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS. Department of Fine Art, M.A.

ICELANDIC ACADEMY OF THE ARTS (LHÍ). Department of Visual Arts, B.A.

FJÖLBRAUT Í BREIÐHOLTI (FB). Foundational course in Fine Art.


UP COMING (selection):


Rupert Center for Art and Education, Vilnius, Lithuania Oct 14. 2015
Pabrade, Lithuania Nov 26. 2015
Visaginas, Lithuania Dec 17. 2015
Gallery 1857 with Oslo Kunstakademi. Oslo, Norway. 21. Jan 2016.
Living Art Museum, NÝLÓ, Reykjavik, Iceland 5. March 2016.

Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús. Solo show in D-Salur. Opening 3. March 2016

RESIDENCY: Ars Communis Residency Centre YOYO, Žeimiai, Lithuania aug-sept 2015
SEMINAR at Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania oct 1-4th 2015
Vilnius TBA 2016,
Nida Art Colony, Nida,Lithuania 2016,
Ars Communis Residency Centre YOYO, Žeimiai, Lithuania 2016.
Akershus Kunsnersenter in Lillestrom, Norway 10 Feb. – 13 March 2017.

Residency, seminar and exhibition in connection with the 6year anniversary of JACA in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. March -April 2016.

Exhibition and research project for Gerðarsafn Museum, Kópavogur, Iceland. Sept.-Nov. 2016.


GANGVERKIÐ: public space sound installation, old city clock Reykjavík. 2014

HLJÓMSKÁLINN: public space sound installation in the first bandstand of Reykjavík 2013

THE COSMIC WAS THERE, IN TWO OR THREE CENTIMETRES: with the work Draw Your Horns and Husband Your Resources. Group show with Francesco Arena, Lúa Coderch, Adelita Husni-Bey, Berglind Jóna, Gerard Ortín / Mercedes Mangrané, Ángel de la Rubia. Curated by Juan Canela. Barcelos gallery – Madrid, Spain 2012-2013.

SINOPALE 4: WISDOM OF SHADOW: ART IN THE ERA OF CORRUPTED INFORMATION. The Guiding Light. Curated by: Aslı Çetinkaya, Elke Falat, Işın Önol, Dimitrina Sevova, Janet Kaplan, Beral Madra, Sean Kelly, Associazione E (Francesco Ragazzi & Francesco Urbano), Jacqueline Heerema and Ana Riaboshenko. Participating artists: Alpin Arda Bağcık, Francesco Bertele, Brigitta Bödenauer, Quynh Dong, Amélie Brisson-Darveau, Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Monika Drożyńska, Harun Farocki, Karen Geyer, Shilpa Ghupta, Andreas (muk) Haider, Berglind Hlynsdottir, Minna Hint, Ashley Hunt, İnsel İnal, Volkan Kaplan & A. Erdem Şentürk, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Chris Oakly, Petra Elena Köhle & Nicolas Vermot, Petit-Outhenin, Bernd Oppl, David Rych,Cat Tuong Nguyen, Monika Rechsteiner, Reinigungsgesellschaft, Sümer Sayın, Liddy Scheffknecht, Lina Selander, Özlem Sulak, Riikka Tauriainen, Hande Varsat, Stefanie Wuschitz, Francis Alys. The 4th International Sinop Biennal in Sinop, Turkey 2012.

NINGUR / FRICTION (group show), Endurminningar Söluturnsins / Memoirs of the Salestower. Curated by Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson, Ólafur S. Gíslason and Kristinn E. Hrafnsson. ASÍ Museum, Iceland 2012.

GENIUS LOCI: an exhibition showcasing selected work produced during 1st year of the Nida AIR residency program with the work THE NEWSTANDCONFESSIONS OF A LIETUVOS SPALDA. Curated by: Vytautas Michelkevičius and Canada Yulia Startsev. Klaipeda Kunsthalle in Klaipeda, Lithuania 2011

THE NEWSTANDCONFESSIONS OF A LIETUVOS SPALDA: a public space installation, sound piece and newspaper made in the central square of the town Nida on the Curonian Spit of Lithuania in a news stand that had been shut down for winter. Made for the Nida Art Colony -art center and residency during the 50 year birthday celebrations of the town of Nerringa of which Nida is a part. Sponsored by the Nordic Culture Point and Myndstef Art Fund. Nida, Lithuania 2011.

IT´S OK, THEY LIVE HERE! – a public space exhibition created by the Nida Art Colony residents at the local supermarket Maxima in Nida, which is one of the main intersections for the locals. I made two pieces for the show one intergraded into the stores products called NIDA – Cashmere Moments, originally NIVEA- Cashmere Moments, a parody of how this small seaside town is marketed for tourism. The second piece was a performative conversation, artist talk, open studio and collection of stories and memories from the stores customers regarding the regions history, I was based in front of the cash registers as people are leaving the store in a stand set up with over 30 store signs, Stating things like: Introductions are in order, For the love of company, Artist seeking stories about the Curonian Spit, Value of the day ect. Nida, Lithuania 2011

SP-ARTE: SAO PAULO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2011: Draw Your Horns and Husband Your Resources shown by Mendes Wood gallery in the Biennale Pavilion in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2011

CFF, CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPY: Draw Your Horns and Husband Your Resources shown as a part of the Hasselblad Victor Stipendium award show. CFF, Stockholm, Sweden 2010

A show curated by Birta Guðjónsdóttir with young political artist. Work shown: Húseinangrun= House Insulation /Isolation & Draw Your Horns and Husband Your Resources, photo and video installation, Gerðarsafn, Kópavogur, Iceland 2010.

ENTRE PONTOS/MID POINTS: (group show) The work Maintaining Liberty was both a public space sound installation and an installation at the JACA art center and residency. The show which was curated by Janaina Melo was made up of the local and international residents of JACA. Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2010

NEW NORDIC PHOTOGRAPHY:(group show) I was nominated for the Victor – stipendium from the Hasselblad Center for the work Draw Your Horns and Husband Your Resources and took part in a show in relation to that curated by Linda Frisk . Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg Konstmuseum, Sweden 2010

KONSTHALLEN:(group show) curated by Paula Zamora, Class Divideris a motorized installation with a realistic model of a real class divider that divides the audience at will, Konsthallen, Gothenburg, Sweden 2010

THE PPPTPC INSTITUTE:(solo show) Just Change an installation and publication based on a fictional organization for city policy and development in Gothenburg. Rotor 1, Gothenburg, Sweden 2009

SEQUENCES, Real-Time Art Festival: THE PPPTPC INSTITUTE (collaboration with Etienne de France): The PPPTPC Institute, it´s campaigns, its headquarters in Söluturninn (The Old Salestower) and the brochure Reykjavíkurvasakver are a part of a public space installation, publication and web based project based on this fictional organization for city policy and development. The PPPTPC Institute is a private joint venture that aims at producing a new Reykjavík that reflects the new Iceland. It´s business is in publicity, propaganda, popular thinking and pop culture (PPPTPC). Sequences, Söluturninn in Mæðragarðurinn, Reykjavík 2009.

LET ME THINK!(group show): curated by Laura Mott Dear Malevich. Video installation 9min, free standing scaffolding and screen built from scrap wood found in the former Soviet chocolate factory Red October. 3rd Moscow Biennale, Red October, Moscow 2009.

SUBVISION. ART. FESTIVAL. OFF: Kling and Bang´s screening of contempory Icelandic video works, Húsaeinangrun = House Insulation /Isolation 9min. At Subvisions main event stage, Hamburg, Germany 2009

ETERNAL SPRING (group show): Draw Your Horns and Husband Your Resources. Photographic pigment prints mounted on book plastic and cut out, accompanied by a text of economic duo terms. Rotor 1, Gothenburg 2009.

DIALOGUE (group show): curated by Esther Shalev-Gerz Húsaeinangrun = House Insulation /Isolation. Video installation 8 min 40 sec surrounded by all the fake plants that normally decorate the city museum. Gothenburg’s City Museum, Gothenburg 2009.

B-HOME #2 (group show). Agent Perspective. Pigment prints cut out and installed in the space in relation to how it was already arranged. B-home, Göteborg 2009

BÆ BÆ ÍSLAND = BYE BYE ICELAND:(group show) Hags_munir = Interests / Profitable Objects. The installation was a patio-viewing tower or guard tower with a photo and newspaper collage. This group show was thought of as the funeral, good bye party and deconstruction of the concept of Iceland as it has been pushed forth by the spin doctors of culture, business and politics. Museum of Akureyri, Akureyri 2008.

PART TAKING ARTISTS: Ásmundur Ásmundsson, Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir, Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir, Erling Þ. V. Klingenberg, Hallgrímur Helgason, Hlynur Hallsson, Inga Svala og Wu Shanhuan, Kolbeinn Hugi Höskuldsson, Magnús Sigurðarson, Ólafur Árni Ólafsson og Libia Pérez de Siles de Castro, Ólafur Gíslason, Ólöf Nordal, Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttur, Ragnar Kjartansson, Róska, Rúrí, Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson, Unnar Örn Auðarson, Steingrímur Eyfjörð.

HIÐ BREIÐA HOLT = THE WIDE GAP / THE WIDE HILL: (collaboration) taken from Breiðholt the name of the suburb. A photography based collaboration and curatorial project. The project was based in the somewhat stigmatized Reykjavík suburb of Breiðholt and takes a part of its name from it. Ten pairs of grandchildren with one grandparent from this community worked with me for a period of 7 months to create the exhibition. The exhibition was made of Ten triptychs (2x (36×54cm) 1x (81×54cm)) plus compositions of photos in various sizes taken of the neighbourhood by the pairs, in all it consisted of 144 photographs. Gerðuberg Cultural Center, Reykjavík 2008.

MIÐBAUGUR OG KRINGLA: LEISURE, ADMINISTRATION AND CONTROL: (collaboration) Malbik = asphalt / bullshit. This was a large-scale collaboration and installation in the public space with various medias. Kringlan and downtown Reykjavík 2007.

ÉG, ÞÚ OG ÖNNUR VANDAMÁL / ME YOU AND OTHER PROBLEMS: (Solo show). A photo installation with mounted prints varying between 21×14.8cm and 14.8 ×10.5cm. Eye For An Eye Gallery (Auga fyrir Auga), Reykjavík 2007.

SJÖMÍLNA SKÓR: (group show)Heimilisfriðun = Household Reserve. An installation in two parts made with various materials. Cultural Center of Mosfellsbær 2007.

SEQUENCES:(group show) ( Don’t you love me baby? This was an installation with a dancing plant on a robot vacuum. SEQUENCES is a time based media festival held all over Reykjavík directed by NÝLÓ, The Living Art Museum. City Hall of Reykjavík 2006.

AAA:(group show) (, Þórsgata 6. A story consisting of 8 photographs projected into an old industrial elevator shaft. Neuchatel, Swiss 2006.

GRADUATION SHOW LHÍ:(group show) Housewarming 2, an installation made up of a greenhouse, growing lights, heaters, solar power and numerous other gadgets for growing. Hafnarhúsið, Reykjavík 2006.

HARD REVOLUTION:(group show) Housewarming, an installation of hobby greenhouses and growing lights. NORD Kulturforum (, Potzdamer Platz, Berlin 2006.

VIRKNI, MEÐVIRKNI EINLÆGNI / ACTIVITY CODEPENDENCY SINCERITY: (Solo exhibition) Installation in 5 parts: Photographs mounted on aluminum plates 60cm x 90cm, sticker lettering mounted on the wall in various sizes, balloon multiples distributed to the independence day parade, an interactive installation with clay on an aluminum platform and drawing installation. Gyllinhæð Gallery, Reykjavík 17. June 2005

SPEAK UP: Þórsgata 6 part 1. This was a seminar and exhibition about local ethics in art, where students and professors from the Balkan and Nordic countries had lectures followed by discussions about their work. Gallery Nova, Zagreb, Croatia 2004.



NIDA ART COLONY, 2-month residency supported by Nordic Cultural Point and the Myndstef Art Fund. Nida, Lithuania 2011

CENTER FOR ARTISTIC RESEARCH, Valand School of Fine Art, Gothenburg University, Sweden 2011.

JACA: JARDIM CANADA CENTER OF ART AND TECHNOLOGY: 2 month residency, research and project development. Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2010

ACADEMICHESKAYA DACHA: residency and master class about Moscow Concepualism in preparation for the show Let Me Think that was a part of the Moscow Biennale, Vyshniy Volochok, Russia 2009.


DRAW YOUR HORNS AND HUSBAND YOUR RESOURCES: In the private collection of Mariana Sucupira.

DRAW YOUR HORNS AND HUSBAND YOUR RESOURCES: paper edition in the private collection of Oddný Helgadóttir and Cornel Ban.

SAND PRINT: in the private collection of Mariana Sucupira.


Into An Altermodern Future: A Changing Perspective On Contemporary Art Practice And Theory a 2 month theory course for the Collins Living-Learning Center and Public Space Perspectives a 2 month practice and theory course for the Fine Arts department of the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts – Indiana University, United States 2012.

Discussion course regarding the public space and public space strategies. We looked collectively at what it is we call public space, to who it belongs to and how we treat it. We put forth and looked at questions as to what are the responsibilities of someone who wanders out of designated art productions spaces into areas that are marked for other purposes. Vilnius 2011.

I taught a conversation course called A New Iceland. It was an interdisciplinary course between all departments of the academy from fine art to design and theater. The discussions were about what should the new Iceland be, what is to be done, what was our role in the crisis and what is our role in building a new society. Útgerðin, Reykjavík 2011

Leisure, administration and control, This was a course on art in the public space. We researched the history and design of public spaces in Vilnius and helped the students get started with their proposals for 2009 when Vilnius became one of the culture cities of Europe. Vilnius 2008.

Miðbaugur og Kringla, This was a course in relation to the Miðbaugur og Kringla exhibition made with students from the Iceland Academy of the Arts about art in the public space. Reykjavík 2007.


ARTIST TALK: a public lecture on my work for the PIVA residency program. Collins Living-Learning Center, Indiana University, United States 2012.

ARTIST LECTURE: a public lecture about my work, theoretical and production strategies in the Vilnius Academy Of Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania 2011.

ARTIST TALK at the Nida Art Colony: a talk and discussion about my practice and about how local histories are constructed with teenagers from the local school in Nida, Lithuania 2011.

OPEN STUDIOS: I took part in two open studio days during my residency at the Nida Art Colony, showing both older work, my work in process and explaining some of my theoretical and practical strategies. Nida, Lithuania 2011.

ICELAND ACADEMY OF THE ARTS: a public lecture about my practice, research and theoretical strategies held for the 100 participants of the course: The Conversation – A New Iceland. LHÍ, Útgerðin, Reykavík, Iceland 2011

CENTER FOR ARTISTIC RESEARCH: a lecture about my artistic research during my stay at the residency. Valand School of Fine Art, Gothenburg University, Sweden 2011.

ARTIST LECTURE: about my work and the theoretical strategies I employ, held on the behalf of JACA Art Center where I was a resident artist. Guignard Art School, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2010.
THEORY CONFERENCE: BORDERS, PAIN AND TRANSITIONS with artist Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir, artist Johanna Willenfelt, doctor of philosophy Eva Mark, art critic and theory teacher Fredrik Svensk, research secretary and criminologist Johan Öberg. Konsthallen, Gothenburg, Sweden 2010.

SUBVISION. ART. FESTIVAL. OFF: Lecture about the history of the Kling & Bang Gallery and Art Collective as well as about the working conditions for artist and art initiatives in Iceland. Subvision, Hamburg, Germany 2009.

ICELANDIC VISUAL ART AWARD CONFERENCE: (Un) Making of Public Space. Lectures by artist Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir, philosopher Haukur Már Helgason and writer Jeff Byles and panel discussion moderated by Páll Björnsson. Brekkuskóli, Akureyri 2008.

CONFERENCE about the exhibition “HIÐ BREIDA HOLT” = “THE WIDE GAP”: along with the head of photography of the newspaper Morgunblaðið, photographer Einar Falur Jónsson and Sigrún Sigurðardóttir cultural theorist. Gerðuberg Cultural Center, Reykjavík 2008.

BÆ BÆ ÍSLAND = BYE BYE ICELAND: I took part in a conference held in conjunction with the exhibition. My speech was called Interests / Profitable Objects, which was also the title of my work for the show. Art Museum of Akureyri, Ketilshúsið Akureyri 2008.

VILNIUS ACADEMY OF ARTS: Open lecture about the exhibition and project Miðbaugur og Kringla and the possibilities KUNO has for funding exhibitions and exchange. Vilnius 2008.

KUNO SEMINAR – Tools for teaching, a lecture about the project and exhibition “Miðbaugur og Kringla” for the KUNO board and associated schools. Bergen 2008.

LUNCH LECTURE OF THE OPEN ART ACADEMY: a public lecture introducing the project and exhibition “Miðbaugur og Kringla”. Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík 2007.


ICELANDIC NATIONAL ARTIST WAGE (Listamannalaun): awarded a 6 month wage 2013.

MUGGUR ART GRANT: for living expenses during my stay in Sinop, Turkey for the 4th Sinopale Biennal 2012

NORDIC CULTURAL POINT: grant for my stay, travel and project at the Nida Art Colony residency 2011

MYNDSTEF: project grant for my art production and exhibition at the Nida Art Colony. 2011

GRETA MUNTHE SANDBERGS SCHOLARSHIP: graduation scholarship 2010

ARNUFSKAFONDEN: support to take part in the Moscow biennial 2009.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF ICELAND: Fund of Guðmunda Andrésdóttir, 2-year studies grant 2008.

NORDIC CULTURE FUND – KUNO: support for project Miðbaugur og Kringla 2007.

REYKJAVÍK CITY COUNCIL: support for project Miðbaugur og Kringla 2007.

KRINGLAN MALL: support for project Miðbaugur og Kringla 2007.

LISTAHÁSKÓLI ÍSLANDS: support for project Miðbaugur og Kringla 2007.

GUTENBERG PRINT SHOP: support for project Miðbaugur og Kringla 2007.

SPRON BANK (ICE BANK): support for the public space project Housewarming which was a part of the exhibition Hard Revolution. Potsdamer Platz, Berlin 2006.

INOVATION FUND FOR STUDENTS: They sponsored the collaboration between me and my colleague on the project: “Speglun samfélagsins í sjónmenningu” = “The reflection of society in culture”. Reykjavík 2005.


SPARC – Sao Paulo Art Residency C
Helped to found and direct the new art residency in 2011. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

THE PPPTPC INSTITUTE ( w Etienne de France): a fictional institution. Sequences: Real-time Art Festival, Söluturninn, Reykjavík 2009.
– I edited and curated the publication Reykjavíkurvasakver that was a part of the collaborative project between me and Etienne de France. The publication contained projects by Icelandic and international artists, all of the project where fictional histories about Iceland and the city of Reykjavík that where then published in this face information guide about Reykjavík for the Sequences: Real-time Art Festival.

producer and representative of the Kling and Bangs art collectives exhibition at the Subvision art festival which was focusing on collectives and self organized initiatives from all over the world. The Kling and Bang exhibition consisted of the artists, Eirún Sigurðardóttir from the Love Corporation, Bjarni Massi and a collaborative project between Unnar Örn and Hugin Þór Arason in three containers over a period of three weeks along with public lectures and video screenings of Icelandic video works. Hamburg, Germany 2009.

HIÐ BREIÐA HOLT: A photography based collaboration and curatorial project. Gerðuberg Cultural Center, Reykjavík 2008.
-A photography based collaboration and curatorial project. The project was based in the somewhat stigmatized Reykjavík suburb of Breiðholt and takes a part of its name from it. Ten pairs of grandchildren with one grandparent from this community worked with me for a period of 7 months to create the exhibition. The exhibition was made of Ten triptychs (2x (36×54cm) 1x (81×54cm)) plus compositions of photos in various sizes taken of the neighborhood by the pairs, in all it consisted of 144 photographs. The main focus of it was look at the politics of perspective and relations in photography critically.

I was voted on the board of the Living art Museum this summer. The Living Art Museum (Nylo) is an internationally acclaimed venue for contemporary visual art in Iceland. This reputation is founded upon it´s commitment to the presentation of innovative work by Icelandic and international artists.

MIÐBAUGUR OG KRINGLA: LEISURE, ADMINISTRATION AND CONTROL: Malbik. This was a large-scale collaboration and installation between 15 Nordic artists organized by me and Bjarki Bragasson. Kringlan mall and downtown Reykjavík 2007.
We created the platform for this project, found funding and created collaborations with numerous private and public institutions. The group worked together for over a year on research and ideas for the project, came together in Iceland for field research and spent one month together constructing the projects.

Exhibition by John Bock.
Kling og Bang, Reykjavík. May 2005
I was one of his assistants for during the shooting of the film Skipholt and the making of the exhibition. I took all of the stills, which where then used to make an artist book along with his sketches, sold in a very limited edition. My photos were also used for the catalogue and in all of the advertising.

The Sheep Plug Factory and Sheep Plug Club were collaborations between 15 Icelandic artists, Rhoades and McCarthy. The factory produced around 200 sheep plug sculptures made of sheep fat, wool and lie. The factory then paraded the sculptures down the main street of Reykjavík and installed them in Kling og Bang gallery. Then there was a work trip to the Fantasy Island exhibition where Rhoads and McCarthy created a Macy’s department store in the landscape of Egilstaðir. Then the factory was exported to Paris and shown in Centre Pompidou in the Dionysian exhibition in February 2005. There we took part in a performance that created the installation. During this process I photographed the factory and it’s employees.

Initiative project with Bjarki Bragason
The project got a grant from the Students Initiative Fund. It was a visual culture research project that resulted in an installation in the public space that was then monitored by us over a period of time.

GYLLINHÆÐ 2004-2006
I founded and ran Gyllinhæð the student gallery of the Icelandic Academy of Art in the fall of 2004 to 2006. It was situated on Laugavegur the main shopping street in Iceland. It was opened in collaboration with Kling og Bang on the second floor above their gallery. During that time I curated a few group exhibition of students work.