is performance based installation for interviews with locals at the Maxima supermarket, the interviews where later used to create the charecter for the THE NEWSTAND shown before. Part of the exhibition IT’S OK, THEY LIVE HERE! Made for the Nida Art Colony, sponsored by the Nordic Culture Point and Myndstef Art Fund. Lithuania 2011.

About the work:

INTRODUCTIONS ARE IN ORDER – was a performative conversation, artist talk, open studio and collection of stories and memories from the stores customers regarding the regions history, I was based in front of the cash registers as people are leaving the store in a stand set up with over 30 store signs, Stating things like: Introductions are in order, For the love of company, Artist seeking stories about the Curonian Spit, Value of the day ect. The work was made for the exhibition IT´S OK, THEY LIVE HERE! – a public space exhibition created by the Nida Art Colony residents at the local supermarket Maxima in Nida, which is one of the main intersection points for the locals. I made made another work for the show that was integrated into the stores products called NIDA – Cashmere Moments, originally NIVEA- Cashmere Moments, a parody of how this small seaside town is excessively marketed for tourism.

*Here you will find the monologue from the sound installation The NewStand – confession of a Lietuvos Spauda printed in English and Lithuanian