Is a motorised and interactive sculpture. A realistic model of a class divider from an airplane divides the audience at will, the installation is triggered by a sensor when the audience passes through either end the divider changes it´s direction causing it to either come towards or follow the spectator – this movement makes the class dividers curtains swop and flow like a ballroom dress. A group show curated by Paula Zamora, Konsthallen, Gothenburg, Sweden 2010.

About the work:

In ongoing projects since 2005, I have been researching development and prefabricated structures in the greater Reykjavik area. I have done this to try to understand them, the underlying systems that develop them, as well as their international contexts, their local framework and impact. During this process I have found a number of strategies that have helped me evolve my work. In Class Divider a number of these strategies, like the isolation and transformation of the object, come forth.

A class divider is a curtain, a divider a partition for separating the different classes on a airplane. It blocks the view between one section and the other separating the first class from the second, 1 from 2. As much as it is a dividing structure it groups and binds together people who share the same social, economic, or occupational status. The class divider that I am captivated by is a curtain that is shaped like an airplane or a bird to perfectly create a cross section through the negative space of the airplane´s structure dividing its insides in two compartments. It is a flimsy and soft construction that does not bear great structural stance on its own but is a great placeholder for the real and very significant economical divide between the passengers on either side of it. In Konsthallen the Class Divider shifted and moved its barrier from place to place, from person to person, and changing the dynamics of its divide like a dance.