Dear Malevich

A photo based video installation 9min looped, free standing scaffolding and screen built from scrap wood found in the former Soviet chocolate factory Red October. A part of the show LET ME THINK! curated by Laura Mott. 3rd Moscow Biennale, Red October, Moscow 2009.

About the work:

Dear Malevich is a video installation that came out of journey I took in Russia in a City called Vyshniy Volochok while staying at the Academic Dasha. Where I photographed different architectural platforms contemplating the institutions that created, maintained or neglected them and the ones they currently housed then subsequently constructing a platform based on this research from of the remains of the women’s locker room of the Red October, which was under construction to be transformed into the exhibition space the work was later shown in. This platform was then used as the backdrop and screen to project the sideshow on. The story juxtaposes 4 different but related narratives: the platform, the images and their movement, an open letter to Malevich contemplating perspective and sound from the Russian and American space race.