15 photographic pigment prints mounted on aluminum and sawed out, hung in perspective to recreate 3 dimentions acompanied by as many economic terms made up of compound words. I was nominated for the Victor – stipendium from the Hasselblad Center, shown as a part of NEW NORDIC PHOTOGRAPHY curated by Linda Frisk. Hasselblad Center, Sweden 2010.

Originally shown in Rotor 1 as apart of the group show Eternal Spring, currated by Esther Shalev-Gerz, Gothenburg, Sweden 2009.

Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttirs´ work is playing around with concepts of collective holdings. Things of value bound together, properties cultivated in groupings and the bonds that hold them together. The bonds and holdings themselves are often of an evasive form. The names they are given are not so unlike the names given to works of art and their references can be from the tactile to the very superficial. The names are fictional additions that add to the value of the arrangements the properties are placed in.
The photographs were taken in January 2009 in the middle of the economic collapse in Iceland. They are of stacks of expensive stone materials used in construction, the kinds that make for fancy tabletops and they are bound together by straps. They are now the unmovable property of a company based in the outskirts of Hafnarfjörður.