The Natural Undercover – a hidden fern

A public space intervention at the food court in the Kringlan shopping center in Reykjavík Iceland 2005. Two real ferns are hidden in the flower beds that are full of fake plastic ferns and kept alive there for some months and observed. The project which is almost invisible is an attempt to communicate with those who spend a lot of time in the mall, like the teenagers and store employees. It attempts to bring life to the backdrop and the interiors that are taken for granted in this private public space. In most of these spaces we find references to city squares, plazas as well as nature but these references often tend to be very superficial. The plants are plastic so no one has to water or maintain them. While observing the plants I came across many surprised people some who laughed, some pulled the plants out to take a better look at them, some started to pinch the leaves off especially when the real ferns changed a bit in color and lost a little bit of their camouflage. My daily watering of what people believed to be plastic plants also became some what of a performance.