A site specific installation in two parts. SJÖMÍLNA SKÓR, Cultural Center of Mosfellsbær 2007.

The work is an installation in two parts dealing with nature and the home, how we collect and surround ourselves with kitsch images of nature in relation to how we deal with real natural environments that are close to our homes. The exhibition was held in a space run by the town of Mosfellsbær, which is in the greater Reykjavík area. The space is located inside a library which is intern located in a small shopping mall. I placed one part of the installation inside the exhibition space, it was a collage of representations of nature from the home from house plants, embroidered images of plants and animals to photographs of exotic far away rain forests. The name plays with a common saying hung over the doors of people’s homes Heimilisfriður (peace for the home) and friðun which is something that has been declared protected like natural reserves and friðun samviskunar also points to the freeing of your conscience from guilt. The other installation was made outside of the library in the public space of the shopping center. There I gathered all of the fake plants in the shopping center and aligned them in a single row in front of a heap of mud taken from the construction sites around Mosfellsbær where natural areas are being destroyed to build rows and rows of multi-manufactured housing. The installation was made in front of the signs that the city put up to show the new plans for those natural areas. The works are contemplation on our relationship with nature, our needs for it and questioning what we are going to replace our natural nature with. The work was taken down 2 days after the opening at the request of the maintenance supervisor and the head of the library because of their fears for it being destroyed by the teenagers that use the mall for recreation. The excuse was that all of the teenagers in Mosfellsbær are supposedly so badly raised that the work would be destroyed for sure. The irony being that there was nothing to destroy, the plants had always been there and I offered to clean up the mud if it would be thrown around.