House Insulation /Isolation

Video installation 8 min 40 sec loop surrounded by all the fake plants that normally decorate the city museum. Created for the group show Dialogue. Gothenburg’s City Museum, Gothenburg 2009.

The piece is about the overwhelming feeling of being finally diagnosed with a disease that you have had and alarming fear of having for years and have been avoiding to take action because of. It’s both a rush of relief finally having the result and remorse over not having done something before that hit you. The images are taken in a developing area of Mosfellsbær that now stands still. The construction has halted and after it stands the land that has now been torn apart by roads, streetlights, plumbing and roundabouts paid for by the government and only a few of the cheap buildings planed by the private contractor who set this project in motion have been build. In the video the images are juxtaposed with two sets of dialogues one is a chaotic sound mix from the media around the riots and political debates in Iceland this last year and just before the economic fall. Then there is a text in English that describes these events as if they where brought upon us by a foreign entity or army and not caused by and internal disease. That text is also mixing current events with the history of the British and US invasion of Iceland during the Second World War.

The images show empty spaces that have now filled the empty places that used to be nature. Arbitrary decisions for profit producing space for the public. Empty shells, selfish gestures – monuments of values that are being overcome but are not obsolete have taken the place of the mountains and lava fields of the past and over grown the forests planted by generation teenagers. These dictated landscapes represent the values of a few recited over the many.