Made as a part of the group exhibition Miðbaugur og Kringla: Leisure, Administration and Control. This was a large-scale installation in the public space done through various longterm collaborations with public and private institutions. Kringlan and downtown Reykjavík 2007.

About the work:

Malbik a multi layered project, it was a part of a collaborative Nordic project: Miðbaugur and Kringla: Leisure, Administration and Control that I organised and produced along with my colleague Bjarki Bragasson. Dealing with the downtown of Reykjavik and the Kringlan Mall. Malbik means asphalt but also means bullshit in Icelandic. The project is contemplating the abundance of it in the public space; the importance of the parking lot and car accessibility verses the importance of making a public space viable to its public. It was a series of small gestures. Evacuating more or less all the plastic plants from the mall and placing them in compost heaps at every exit, with a sensor-based sound installation hidden in the box that called out to walkers by in a series of alarm beeps, stories from a security guard, dialogues about art and definitions of different terms that related to shopping. Teenagers from the cities forestry teams carried out a forestry project in the mall during the opening by creating piles of mud and then planting little forest trees. The cities gardening and maintenance teams then collaborated with me in creating parking lot gardens in 3 different locations in the city, in front of city hall next to the parliament, unplanned parking lot that will now be taken under a highway and on the 5th floor of one of the most central downtown parking lot.